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Blogswarm: No on school vouchers

As a taxpayer, it's in my best interest to help fund public education. An investment in public education is an investment in less overall poverty and crime and and an overall healthier society.

I don't see how it's in my best interest or in society's to fund luxury education -- also known as private schools.

What about school choice?

 I'm amazed by how many choices we have in public school in Utah these days. When I was in the public school system, you attended the school in the district you lived in, for better or worse, and that was that. Now we have the freedom to go to schools all around the valley -- and that's not all. Now there is a whole array of charter schools to appeal to just about  anyone. School choice really isn't the issue-- unless you are looking for a religious school, and why should the taxpayers fund religious education?

I care deeply about the education my child gets, and I've found that you don't have to attend a luxury school to get it. My daughter attends the Open Classroom, a parent co-op charter school (previously an optional program) in the Salt Lake City school district. I have to put in some extra time and effort into my child's quality education, but I doubt she'd get better in a luxury school . There are other great schools and programs in the public system that are equally good.

If we have the surplus of educational funds to pass out to people to attend luxury schools, then why can't we use those funds to further improve the public schools? We could make the classes half the size they are now, for example -- think of the specialized attention our kids could get with only 15 of them per class?

What this really comes down to is welfare for the upper-middle class and wealthy class. As part of the lower-middle class , I can guarantee you that even with an additional up to $2500, there is no way that I could ever afford to send my children to private school. I feel that the voucher program also encourages classism and will be yet another divisive system in our society. What's so bad about all of us learning together?

Davis Dijeridu has been doing a lot of great analysis on the subject of vouchers for those that want to get a viewpoint other than that of the Repuclicans (which is overwhelmingly pro-voucher):

An Unproven Risky Scheme

No on school vouchers Blogswarm participants (to be updated as more posts come in):

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