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(part 4) Gifts that Give on Many Levels

The Green Party online store features t-shirts with two different designs for Greens on your list. The shirts are made by union and cooperative workers on organic cotton with PVC-free ink. They're a bit above the $15 limit I've set for most of the gifts I've posted about, at $20 each. You can buy smaller and less expensive items on the online store, such as peace flags, buttons and bumperstickers.

I found some cute fair trade Peruvian Sterling peace symbol earrings for $14.95 at the Rainforest Site, which will preserve rainforest land with each purchase[note: there's no info here on the mining practices used].

There are pages after pages of Fair Trade items that can be found on the Rainforest Site -- you need to be sure to click on the Fair Trade category on the left hand side of the page. Other interesting items that I found here are Tibetan Prayer Flags for $9.95, a Nepalese Recycled Silk Shoulder Bag for $14.95, and Guatemalan Catnip Mice ($9.95) for the cat in your life that also provides "funds for a children's clinic and other health and education projects in La Esperanza, a poverty-stricken area on the outskirts of Guatemala City."

Rawganique has a large variety of hemp oil soaps in with such flavors as: Heavenly Mango & Eastern Tea, Lemongrass & Paprika, Simply Peppermint, Citrus Lover, Lavender des Jardins, Balms of the Garden, Nourishing Patchouli and more. Soaps are $4 each.[Most progressives know that hemp is versatile, sustainable, renewable and is good for the planet in many ways. Rawganique has many more hemp products that would make wonderful gifts including hemp paper products, hemp clothing and accessories, and items for the home. All items are made "in house" and some tend to be a bit pricey.]

Blogs have been a great way to find good gift ideas. I found the following on TreeHugger by way of reading City Hippy:

Better World Traveler's Club, besides offering roadside service for cars, also offers roadside bike service for $39.95 for a full year's coverage (other household members can get covered for $15)." Better World Club, Inc. is dedicated to balancing economic goals with social and environmental responsibility. Better World Club supports a cleaner environment and alternative modes of transportation. " It's a greener version of AAA.

You can give the gift of giving to charities in a loved one's name. To better navigate charity gift giving, check out Charity Navigator.

Garden-in-a-bag is available for parsley, chives, oregano, lavender, strawberries, basil and more for $8 - $10 each.

More places to find great gifts:

Heartbeats Catalog: "Networking Women, Developing World and Minority Artists"

Pangea: Vegan and Cruelty Free. "Pangea Sells Only Goods Made in Countries Where Labor Laws or Unions Are in Place to Protect the Workers! We Don't Sell Any Products Made in China or Other Countries Known for Sweatshops."

Alternative Outfitters : An "online resource for fashionable leather alternatives and cruelty-free products for a compassionate lifestyle."

As for money-less options, you really can give nothing this year (or at least trim down your list) if you download and print this Gift Exemption Voucher from the folks at adbusters.


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