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No Way Day!

No Way Day!

I just posted about this a couple of days ago, but that was before this Blogswarm got organized. I mentioned that this is an issue that right and left agree on, which is evidenced by this blogswarm being organized by the right-leaning Utah Policy Daily. Everyone from Orrin Hatch to libbies like me agree:

Utah is not a nuke dump!

The BLM is taking public input until May 8. This battle has been going on for some time, but this may be the final thing we can do (short of sabotage/civil disobedience) to keep this dangerous waste out of Utah. Not only stored here, but transported over several years and thousands of shipments through our communities. Remember the toxic spill on the train last year? Accidents happen, which is why the best policy with nuke waste is to store it where it already is. It was explained to me that where the waste is currently stored is already contaminated and will remain so for thousands of years -- so why spread the contamination around to other sites? How many accidents can we expect with thousands of shipments?

Have your say!

For and easy way to do this, use the sample letter (with background info) from HEAL Utah or from  Utah Policy Daily . Send your letter to:

Pam Schuller   
      U.S. Bureau of Land Management       
      Salt Lake Field Office  
      2370 South 2300 West           
      Salt Lake City, Utah  84119 


From Senator Hatch's website:

Your comments are necessary to assist the BLM in reviewing the PFS applications. Regulations require the BLM to consider the following questions, among others, in deciding whether to approve either one of these rights of way:

1) Is the project in the public interest?
2) Is PFS technically and financially capable to successfully pursue the project?
3) Is the project consistent with existing public land law?
4) Is the project consistent with BLM’s management of public lands?
In answering these questions, the BLM will consider public input made during the comment period.

You can read why Senator Hatch is against this proposal here.

If you are passionate about keeping nuke waste out of Utah, you could also get involved with Utah-based organizations that have been working for the past several years against the PFS dump:

Shundahai Network

You can also show support by attending a press conference at noon today (Friday April 28) at the auditorium of the State Office Building just north of the capitol {I wish I could go, but Friday is a major work day that I can't get out of}.

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