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Updated Utah Political Blogs

UPDATE: A better way to check out the Utah Blogosphere Utah Bloghive. The latest post titles from Utah blogs, catergorized for your blog reading pleasure (and convenience).

I've had a link on my side bar for a few months to a "page" that I created of Utah political bloggers. After the recent blogswarm activity, I realize that I have to update that  -- this will become the new page that will be linked on the side bar.

This list will not be limited to progressive bloggers.

If you know of any other bloggers that cover Utah politics, please feel free to comment to this post.

Added 01/06/2007: Wasatch Watcher

Added 01/05/2007: Alienated Wannabe Supplemented "Republican family values with Western Family Rasin Bran to find just the right balance"

Added 10/26/2006: Left Out Front

Added 10/16/2006: Voice of Utah

Added 10/04/2006: Schreiner's Media Landscape

Added 9/22/06: Utah Peak Oil

Added 9/1/06: The New Citizenship Project

Added 7/12/06: A Liberal Mormon , Utah Bloggers

Jen's Green Journal Progressive Utah
Dee's 'Dotes

One Utah

Part of the Plan

Utah True Blue

Utah Democrats

SLC Spin

Orbiter Dicta by Steve
Gary Thronock This Divided State
RedStateBlues Pete Ashdown's Campaign Journal
Democracy for Utah
The Third Avenue BYU Democrats Unabashed Utahn
Formaline Eric Hamilton's Reality Check The State of the Beehive
Jeremy's Jeremiad Green Party of Utah (group blog)
The Utah Amicus
Steve Urquhart The World Accoring to Me (Bob Aagard)
Utah Politics
Hot Blava Rural Blogging Utahania
Reach Upward Davis County Watch Act Blue
Utah Conservative Utah Planners' Corner Running, but not out of breath
The Senate Site
Oblogatory Anecdotes

A good resource for political junkies in Utah Utah Policy Daily


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Jan. 5th, 2007 06:23 am (UTC)
Alienated Wannabe
Hi Jennifer, My blog allegedly covers Utah politics: http://www.alienatedwannabe.blogspot.com
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